Preparing and following through on a trademark application can be a complex task. A trademark application may be objected after a review by an examiner (Office Action), which can involve very technical objections such as statutory prohibitions, likelihood of confusion or descriptiveness marks. In order to minimize such problems, it is important that the initial application needs to be prepared with care. We ensure all necessary issues are dealt with when application filing is being prepared.

We prosecute or supervise the prosecution of applications and take steps to overcome any objections that may arise. We have a proven record in the successful prosecution of difficult trademark prosecution cases, such as descriptive word  / slogan marks.

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Trademark Search and Watch

Trademark search is necessary to ensure that a new mark does not infringe third party rights and help prevent the risk of a costly infringement action. Further, a search can help to locate prior trademarks at the register that could block an application for your proposed trademark.

IPS’s team of in-house searchers is skilled at searching Viet Nam trademark databases. We also work closely with our extended network of foreign associates to carry out searches in our region.

An effective IP management involves knowing what competitors are doing and where trademarks are being infringed. A watching service helps prevent infringement and dilution of the owner’s trademark rights. We work closely with clients to devise watching strategies for their brands and logo in Viet Nam

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