Industrial Design

Industrial Design,

An industrial design is the appearance of a product, expressed in lines, shapes, colors or combinations thereof, new to the world and used as a template for the manufacture of products. industrial or handicraft.

Industrial design is of great importance to the products of the business. In the fiercely competitive market, in order to be able to stand up and compete with other products, many businesses have invested a lot of time and money to improve their product designs. This is considered encouraging because:

– Create new products with eye-catching designs, outstanding features, help businesses have the opportunity to compete with other products on the market.

– Diversify products with different styles to target groups of customers of different ages. For example, for wallet products, changing the styles will help the business serve the needs of many customers from male to female, from the elderly to the young.

– Constantly changing the design of its products, making the business more and more attract customers, affirming their brand name and brand in the market.

The protection of industrial design will bring many benefits for businesses such as:

– Helps enterprises to ensure their monopoly of protected products, protect the interests of enterprises when their protected products are copied, copied …

– Before the actual situation of counterfeit goods, counterfeit products are rampant, enterprises with successful industrial design protection products will be the basis for dealing with violations in cases of copying It helps to strengthen the trust of customers in the business.

– The protection of industrial designs, apart from protecting the interests of enterprises against infringing acts, may also be an additional source of income for enterprises through the collection of fees for the transfer of the right to use designs to other persons. licensing).